Monday, February 28, 2011

Colette as inspiration

I really must read some of Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette's novels. I was shocked to realize I've not read Gigi. It's been on my list for years. Not sure what I've been waiting for...unless it's an iPad? Hint hint DH!

In honor of the approaching spring, Paris in spring, and Pantone's color of the year, Honeysuckle, I present to you Colette. Colette's life is deserving of a movie a la Henry & June and Frida.

Colette by Jacque Humbert 
I think I'll do a design board using the Humbert painting of Colette with a nod to her Parisian boundary pushing lifestyle!

French Interior designer Jacques Grange purchased Colette's apartment at the Palais-Royal in Paris just a skip across Rue Saint-Honore and Rue de Rivoli to Place du Louvre.

Bedroom view over the gardens. *Swooning* The walls are covered in woven horse hair!
Of course when I was in Paris I had no idea who Jacque Grange and Colette where nor did I care about seeing the Palais-Royal. I only wanted to walk the streets of Paris and try to remember the sights, sounds and smells. Paris was wasted on me. I was far too young to get much meaningful out of the trip...other than a love of crepes the desire to go back someday!

A little dab will do you. Dabble Mag is live!

Kimberly Seldon's highly anticipated Design and Lifestyle on line magazine 'Dabble' has gone live this morning at 9:30 eastern . 

If you have not subscribed to receive your copy, here is the link. Each issue we get to travel the world with one of the top residential designers in North America! 

Sneak Peak:

Stunning white kitchen by California's Erinn Valencich. 

That backsplash is to die for. It finishes the kitchen off powerfully - calm, clean and radiant!

From Design to international food and art each issue of Dabble will inspire you I'm sure as there is something for just about everyone.

David Carter's 'opium' den! I love the hits of vibrant red in the green paneled room.

There is so much more in the premier edition of Dabble...just waiting for you to turn the pages. 


Wholly Guacamole Kimberly Seldon looks a lot like me in this picture:
Kimberly Seldon seated between Lena Diaz and Nyla Free enjoying a gourmet Popsicle from Las Paletas in Nashville, TN.
This is me and The Girl at Christmas.

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Living Room Project - Before and After

I've never posted client photos on this blog so I'm a little apprehensive. 

This is a Before and After shot of the living room...hopefully I've done my job and you can tell which is the B and which is the A!

The room felt dark and despite it's size it is narrow so my client's didn't feel they had any other option but two love seats and therefore only room for 4 people and a tiny side table, used as a cocktail table, to set drinks on. 

The ceiling fixture is off centre to the fireplace so framed the fireplace with a new chandelier from Nuevo Living on one side and a vase with tall dogwood branches on the other. 

Now the room feels bright, symmetrical and has plenty of room for entertaining.

I hope you like it!

What are you wearing for the Oscars?

The Champs is chilled. The dresses have been fitted.

I figure I'll start out with the pink Channel dress and Fendi Cinderella shoes saving the the slinky black Ann Demeulemeester with a serpentine diamond arm band I found on 1st Dibs for the after parties. For both dresses I've chosen an Alexander McQueen skull clutch.

So, what are you wearing for the Oscars?

Oh, my date:

Oscar 2011 Host James Franco of course!

A girl can dream...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thrift store score!

I found this god awful chair at the Salvation Army in the fall. Honestly it was love at first sight but Steve was not so smitten. Regardless, I paid $5 for it and brought it home. 

Turns out it is extremely comfy and I now can often be found working on my laptop sitting in it. 

I had no knowledge of it's history, source etc. Despite searching the web for something similar. Until 2 days ago that is. I don't recall what I was looking for but off in the corner of a photo was a chair very similar to mine - minus the 'hair'. 

It was a pretty version of my beloved chair!

Turns out I've gotten myself an Arne Norell Scirocco chair and a rare one at that =) 

Manufactured in Sweden in the 1960's the Scirocco and Safari chairs by Norell are pretty iconic pieces of Swedish design. Neither are being manufactured anymore although the company still exists and produces beautiful seating.

If you'd asked me last week if I'd consider selling it I'd have told you no. I may reconsider now that I have an idea of it's retail value.

Here is my chair:

The color of the wood is off. In person it is beautiful richly grained. You can see it a bit in the back leg in this photo. Sorry iPhone camera! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Awkward room? Here's today's inspiration

Do you have a small room with a sloped ceiling and can't figure out how to work with it? San Francisco's Cecelie Starin shows us how it's done!

Beautiful and inspirational. This is why people hire decorators!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Beautiful Room

But do you agree with me...they've taken it too much to heart and over did it with the Agate and other rocks? 

And, um, perhaps over did it with the fossils too? Now if this was a shop...or a museum it would be fine and dandy but for a home...I don't think Indiana Jones would even be comfy here!

When trends are taken to literally...or too far. Poor Architect must be shaking his head over this one.

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Dream Wallpaper

Alexander McQueen's iconic Hummingbird print is available through The Rug Company as a rug as well as pillows. Now if only it would be released as a wallpaper...I'd be one happy girl!

I would run the wallpaper up my stairwell. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter totally sucks

I want to live where I can wear these shoes year round...outside to clarify for any cheeky smarty pants out there.

Winter totally sucks. Thank god the 3rd issue of Rue Mag is out!

Photo:  Sarah Yates for Rue Magazine + Faire Frou Frou