Friday, June 4, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

Thursdays are my favorite day to head out to the thrift stores. It's also a day The Boy is not in school. Every Thursday morning after taking The Girl to school we climb in the truck and head out.

The Boy is happy and chatty...until we pull in to the first Thrift Store parking lot. 'Oh no...not *here* again'.

Funny he's not figured it out by now. He's always totally surprised. He's a good little shopper though; gets a cart (regardless of need).

I thought I'd share with you a few of my finds from yesterday.

Shinto Lion: $5
Bishamonten God of War & Warriors: $4

These are Japanese Shinto figurines. I got the Bishamonten as a place holder till I can find some more Shinto Lions. For $4...I'd have been crazy to leave him. He's also considered a god of healing, able to expel demons of plague (need that!) and he is the dirge of evil-doers! Yay!

I love my owl bookends! $7. They are very dusty and heavy. When I saw them I instantly thought I'd spray paint them white. Silly, They will remain gold. Trends owls will remain as is!

Conch shells...I can't have too many. My favorite of the two is the gray/blue on the right. It was $1. The conch on the left was found at a different thrift store and was $2.
I've begun collecting globes for The Boy's bedroom. Till yesterday I just had one so it's been in our hall way (on my $25 hard wood credenza) for a couple of months. I found the second one yesterday. Paid $7. I'd like to find some smaller ones. Eventually they will be moved to their home in The Boys room.

The Boy made out pretty well himself. At the first stop he found a small keyboard that does just about everything. $20. Turns out I could plug it in in the truck...yay. So he played it (the whole time) on the drive between thrift stores. At any rate, he was quite happy to continue thrift store shopping...not once did he ask if we were 'going home yet'. Worth the $20...although I felt it was over priced when he asked for it.



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