Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thrift store score!

I found this god awful chair at the Salvation Army in the fall. Honestly it was love at first sight but Steve was not so smitten. Regardless, I paid $5 for it and brought it home. 

Turns out it is extremely comfy and I now can often be found working on my laptop sitting in it. 

I had no knowledge of it's history, source etc. Despite searching the web for something similar. Until 2 days ago that is. I don't recall what I was looking for but off in the corner of a photo was a chair very similar to mine - minus the 'hair'. 

It was a pretty version of my beloved chair!

Turns out I've gotten myself an Arne Norell Scirocco chair and a rare one at that =) 

Manufactured in Sweden in the 1960's the Scirocco and Safari chairs by Norell are pretty iconic pieces of Swedish design. Neither are being manufactured anymore although the company still exists and produces beautiful seating.

If you'd asked me last week if I'd consider selling it I'd have told you no. I may reconsider now that I have an idea of it's retail value.

Here is my chair:

The color of the wood is off. In person it is beautiful richly grained. You can see it a bit in the back leg in this photo. Sorry iPhone camera! 


  1. wow- what a great score! you've got a great eye! :)

  2. Thanks Lisa!

    I've been wanting to blog about it for some time so I was thrilled to discover what it is and finally get to do the blog.

  3. I'm pretty stoked about it. Don't think I will be selling it. It was actually manufactured with the full hide. I wish I had a pair!

    I keep looking at it thinking whom ever owned it must have had a second one.

    Although I confess I'd prefer it to be leather rather than hide! But I'm not complaining :)


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