Monday, February 28, 2011

Colette as inspiration

I really must read some of Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette's novels. I was shocked to realize I've not read Gigi. It's been on my list for years. Not sure what I've been waiting for...unless it's an iPad? Hint hint DH!

In honor of the approaching spring, Paris in spring, and Pantone's color of the year, Honeysuckle, I present to you Colette. Colette's life is deserving of a movie a la Henry & June and Frida.

Colette by Jacque Humbert 
I think I'll do a design board using the Humbert painting of Colette with a nod to her Parisian boundary pushing lifestyle!

French Interior designer Jacques Grange purchased Colette's apartment at the Palais-Royal in Paris just a skip across Rue Saint-Honore and Rue de Rivoli to Place du Louvre.

Bedroom view over the gardens. *Swooning* The walls are covered in woven horse hair!
Of course when I was in Paris I had no idea who Jacque Grange and Colette where nor did I care about seeing the Palais-Royal. I only wanted to walk the streets of Paris and try to remember the sights, sounds and smells. Paris was wasted on me. I was far too young to get much meaningful out of the trip...other than a love of crepes the desire to go back someday!

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