Friday, February 25, 2011

A Living Room Project - Before and After

I've never posted client photos on this blog so I'm a little apprehensive. 

This is a Before and After shot of the living room...hopefully I've done my job and you can tell which is the B and which is the A!

The room felt dark and despite it's size it is narrow so my client's didn't feel they had any other option but two love seats and therefore only room for 4 people and a tiny side table, used as a cocktail table, to set drinks on. 

The ceiling fixture is off centre to the fireplace so framed the fireplace with a new chandelier from Nuevo Living on one side and a vase with tall dogwood branches on the other. 

Now the room feels bright, symmetrical and has plenty of room for entertaining.

I hope you like it!


  1. Great work, Dane! I love how open and welcoming the space feels now. The coffee table is gorgeous too! The couch and chairs are also amazing, would you tell us where you got them? Really could use them at home! Have a great weekend. V .

  2. I love what you did!

  3. Hi Veronica & thank you! Believe it or not the sofa and chairs are from Decor-Rest. The coffee table was from a vendor at the Home Decor convention in the spring and was a one off thing.

    The chairs are so comfortable too! The sofa is in velvet and the chairs are in a tweedy linen fabric of the same dove gray. They are a hit with everyone who sits in them!

    Ms. Givens thank you so much!

  4. Great & thank you so much for sharing, they are truly what we've been looking for our home, glad to know they are as comfy as they look!!

    You should really share your work more often ;)

    Great posts in general, Dane! I enjoy your blog! Have a good weekend, V.


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