Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How To: Achieve Lacquered Walls To Die For & Get More Clients!

If you've read my last post you will know I was about to try a couple of techniques to figure out how to get those to die for walls I've only seen in Shelter Magazines. Like the room below designed by Melissa Rufty.

In despiration, because I *really* want to lacquer my dining room walls, I emailed Melissa's firm in New Orleans.

To be honest I really didn't expect a reply from MMR Interiors. I'd emailed a different designer, not quite 2 weeks ago, who I know shares advise freely...alas I think they are busy as I've not heard back.

To my surprise, I got an email back right away. 'We are in the office now, give me a call. Melissa'. OMG I was so excited! A designer who's work I *love* and inspires me was going to let me in on the lacquer technique secret!!  

So after the excitment settled I called Melissa. (I'm still giddy I got to talk to her. I feel like a school girl with a crush)! What a goof I am =)
Melissa was so friendly and fun to talk to. The first things she said to my thanking her for taking some time out of her day for me was that what they were doing was not so important that they can't take a moment for someone else. 'It's not surgery we do here, we making pillows!'

Now, for the HOW TO:
  1. If walls have been painted previously Melissa advises a skim coat of drywall compound on any surface to be lacquered. Sanded to a smooth finish (220 - 280 grit I'd recommend). Otherwise previous roller marks will always show through giving an orange peel effect no matter how many coats of lacquer.
  2. Prime (oil based) walls.
  3. Paint (oil based) with the color you want. If you use a brush or roller the marks will be visible. Deside what you can deal with. Melissa doesn't mind brush strokes. Or you can use a sprayer for a perfectly smooth mirrored finish.
  4. Apply 3 to 4 coats of (oil based) lacquer. Now Melissa said varnish.
  5. Be aware varnish will yellow over time therefore chaning the colour. This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the job...and personalities involved I'd guess!
What a shame it would be if the room above yellowed in a year or two!

Now...for making it this far in my blog...a little secret Melissa let me in on: Fine Paints of Europe makes a paint with the laquer in it!! OMG. How easy is that!? As Melissa pointed out, although the paint costs a lot more ($115 USD/ 2.5L + $10 for custom color) then Benji Moore (& as I've discovered more than we pay for Farrow & Ball(!)), it is so worth it in time saved and possibe number of coats of paint required (what is it with Ralph Lauren reds needing 6 - 12 coats to get the depth of color the paint chip has?!).

But it gets even better! Pantone & FPofE have partnered up so you can select a pantone colour for your lacquered walls. *goofy school girl grin again*

FPofE has their own method of application for a mirror finish so be sure to read their application recommendations.

Thank you so much Melissa for making this post possibe!

Ok, lets get this party started! Who's dancing with me?



Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lacquered Walls

I've been on a quest for some time now to learn the proper technique of applying paint and lacquer to achieve a mirror like finish.

To date, however, I've not had much luck! We all know the wall must be absolutely free of blemish...perfectly smooth. But then what?!

At this point I'm considering testing out a couple of different...well I'll call them 'techniques' but really they are just 'ideas':
  1. A dozen coats of high gloss paint. Some have mentioned sanding between coats. I don't expect this to give me the results I'm looking for but it may give a subtle effect. I'll likely try 2 samples; one with sanding between dried coats and one without sanding.
  2. My idea is to apply matte paint (to ensure the depth of colour I want) as you normally would paint a wall then apply (possibly) multiple coats of lacquer. The dining room, where I ultimately plan on lacquering my walls, is south facing so very bright which tells me I'll most likely have to apply the lacquer with a sprayer *groan* to avoid any brush or roller marks. I'll try this with & without the sanding between coats...of the lacquer.
LOL, this would be so much easier if someone would detail how to do this...alas, this may be for me to do. That's ok, I don't mind doing the foot work my only concern is that I still don't have the proper technique listed above.

I'd love any suggestions or if you know maybe you know Miles Redd...and could ask him!

Well, in appreciation of your patience reading through this post here are some fab inspiration photos of lacquered walls!

Barclay Fryery

uknown source


Feinburg's lacquered ceiling

House & Garden

Unknown Source

*Bisous* - Dane

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Out of the Gate in a Big Way!

I have a lot of obsessions, always have and always will I suppose. I thought I'd share one of my current obsessions. Until I get a chance to incorporate an obsession in to a project, be it my own or a clients...they just keep piling on.

Forgive me, but I'm going to use this blog as a way to 'unload'...aren't you lucky?!

Today I'm getting oversized lighting of my chest!

If you have any additons feel free to add them to your comments because I'd hate to miss anything! Oh my that's a lot of exclamation sorry....

The 1st I want to share with you comes from Lauren Liess' own dining room.

My jaw dropped when I saw the photos of her home. She instantly became one of my favorite designers. There is another light in the room which repeats the airyness of the chandelier...but you'll have to look for it yourself & don't forget to hit Lauren's follow link! (my way of sending you to look at ALL of her work!)...btw, let me know if you find the 'echo' lighting element in your comments...yes, please come back here!

The 2nd large scaled ligting I need to share with you is below. I think this is the fixture that got me hooked. I saved it a while back with no idea I'd need the if you know who deserves the credit please let me know!

I came across this next one at CasaSugar with credit to Shootfactory. This chandi was the needle that broke my will to silently lust for a big big light fixture. I needed to share with anyone!

Molly Sim's office is pure inspiration! Thanks to Decor Pad for posting it! Anyone know who the designer is?

Yep there's more! Can you say Trend? I definitely think big is here to stay for a while...yippy skippy!

Again, I don't know who the designer is but I came across the photo at magchunk.

Of course there is more to my obsession than just chandeliers...Kelly Wearstler, genius, likes her table lamps large as well! With a shout out to So Haute for the photo.

Thanks for taking the time to make it to the bottom of my post!

* let me know if I've any spelling or grammatical errors...I don't like to 'appear' stupid...even if I am! I've yet to find the spell check for the blog posts :(

*Bisous* - Dane