Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bonne L'Halloween

Thrifty mid-century finds

I've been busy on a couple of projects for clients so I'm superbly bad at posting.

But I just stumbled upon a great store here in Toronto so I wanted to take the time to post about it. It's called Guff and they have a blog they update all the time with new items fresh of the truck. Guffs prices are great. Seriously, I've seen people on craigslist privately selling mid-century teak pieces for 2x's as much as Guff retails their finds for.

If I had the cash I'd buy this sofa ($395) for the bedroom:

And this (~$500)!

And of course I wanted to show you a couple more finds I've gotten...that just happen to be mid-century.

I found a bedroom set for The Boy last week. Teak and rosewood in excellent condition! Photo is crappy (iPhone). I am wanting a new DSLR (Rebel Ti) but until then...iPhone photos.


There is also the highboy and dresser with mirror! All in immaculate condition. Thrilled beyond belief. And all for $400 =)