Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sorghum straw? Yes Sorghum!

Kirei Board is a wonderfully versatile product made from left over sorghum straw which would normally end up in landfill or burned. Kirei Board can be milled like wood, used for flooring, walls, furniture...your imagination is the limit! 

The designs using Kirei Board take on an organic feel that we'd all like to introduce in to our homes.

Here's a couple of my favourites:

Kirei Board Bar 

Bathroom Vanity Design by Jessica Helgerson

Think of the possibilities!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You 'Moss' See This!

Although it's only the beginning of the winter I've gotten an email that has me thinking of spring. By now we are all familiar with green or live walls but they are a lot of work to install with proprietary systems. There is a new product on the market for those who would like a simple install with no maintenance.

Yes, I said 'no' maintenance! MOSStile available through Benetti Stone uses lichen on an eco-resin ready for install. There is no watering, fertilization or pruning required, which is perfect for those who are green thumb challenged. About the only requirement is a humidity level of 50%. The lichen is available in 12 different colors.

For someone like me (who likes to preserve energy...yeah I spin it, lazy makes it sound like it's a bad thing) MOSStile sounds like a fantastic alternative. Just think, if you do a wall in your less wall to wash!

I've wanted to do a green wall outside at the front entrance to our house for some time. I would love to see if the MOSStile stands up to our winters; it should, lichen grows in the Arctic.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Cheer

White Christmas

I love the feel of this room! I could do without the dolls, stuffed animals & carraiges...pillows...but otherwise I love the warmth of the room. Source unknown.

Isn't this is clever and fun? Source unknown.

 To be honest, I'd rather be celebrating the holiday season like this:

I'm a terrible example of a Northern Canadian girl. via Getty Images

Only 5 more shopping days till Christmas. Are you ready? Almost ready? Just starting? Or are you one of those who do it all on the 24th? 

I'm not yet ready but I have ordered the organic free-range turkey. I usually wait till the 23 or 24th and run to the butchers in a panic. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

My Sparrow Giveaway You Don't Want to Miss!

You don't want to miss this My Sparrow $100 value giveaway on offer over on Art by Karena

My Sparrow has just about everything for your home and it's all Eco-conscious fabulous!

Some of my favorites from the store:

The Aaron rolling cart would look great peeking out from under my (someday) kitchen island. Then when  entertaining...out it comes! Totally in love with this!

Cog table lamp. ART!

How fun is this octopus throw?! I would love this in our family room. Works with our paintings (ships) and would warm me up when I'm on the leather sofa!

My Sparrow has something for everyone! This linen tote is my favorite.

This is called the Bird at Peace paper weight. Melts my heart. I'm all about melancholy. 

Be sure to enter Loves!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

2011 Trend Predictions (Part 3) - Lux. Raw. Warm. Organic. Texture.

1. Photo via Werrner Seggarra.
2. velvet headboard & skirt with fur throw via unknown :(
3. over-dyed rugs via Little Shop.
4. Roberto Peregalli via W Mag.
5. Distressed Pillows in grey and gold via 2 Hounds Design.

Fur, natural or synthetic (I like mine natural but re-purposed), vintage linens, distressed velvets and over-dyed rugs are some of the textiles you are going to be seeing more of this year.

It's all about textiles with a history! 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

2011 Color of the Year Prediction!


I'm loving it. I've put it in a client's home...and my own. OK, well I'm not using a lot of's just in this rug which you see I sourced for a client (top). I loved it so much...I put one in my living room yesterday.

I loved turquoise as the 2010 colour of the year but didn't put any in my own home. Well, I didn't recommend it either, but never the less, I loved it.

I'm sure of yellow.

Btw, yellow is big on the runways for spring 2011...I'm just saying...Yellow!

2011 Trend Predictions (Part 2) - Lux. Raw. Warm. Organic. Texture.

Gallery walls of mixed art and  the acceptance of black walls as a neutral we are going to start seeing a more creative movement when it comes to wallpaper and color.  Bold colour in large scale prints and graphics be it on all the walls in a room, as a feature wall or for those who want the edge but not the huge commitment, accent pieces such as pillows. It can be punk, graffiti, chinoiserie or all out baroque; but it will be big, bold and quite possibly colourful!

Don't believe me? Wait till you get a look at the January 2011 issue of Canadian House and Home's Style 28.  ;)

1, 2. Via Adore Magazine
3. Brazilian artist Assume Vivid Astro Focus for Mark Fletcher's living room via W Magazine
4. Wallpaper design by Kravitz Design for Flavor Paper (imagine this in a bright sunny room!)
5. Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 via NYT

Monday, December 6, 2010

2011 Trend Predictions (Part 1) - Lux. Raw. Warm. Organic. Texture.

1,2. Bronze Tile, Bronze Pull both by Rocky Mountain Hardware.
3. Restoration Hardware.
4. Brass light fixture by Annabelle Selldorf for Neue Gallerie Design Store.
5,6. Brass bottle openers, patinated brass pendants both by Oji & Design.

Warm metals beckon to be touched. Clever designers have added the element of texture as clearly evident with the tiled backsplash and faceted pendant light fixtures. Don't you want to pick up the bottle openers? Desire to run your finger through the bronze pull? I know I'm dying to!

I've been recommending brass and bronze lighting and accessories for a couple of years now...but just recently it's become an obsession for me.

We will be seeing a lot more of the warm metals over the next few years; they soften the darker walls we are seeing, instill a sense of warmth to our rooms and lend timelessness to our homes, often in some nontraditional concepts!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Paolo Roversi's Ethereal Winter Wonderland

I am not easily impressed by fashion editorials. There are a handful of photographers I am head over heels giddy about. Paolo Roversi is one of my favorites. His images are often raw yet he reveals an innate fragility in each image.

Paolo did an editorial for W Magazine's December issue that has me speechless. The dresses, model selections, makeup, hair and styling are superb. I have to remind myself to breath. I'd love to have these blown up and on my walls.

I've picked 2 of my favorites to show here and you can follow the link below to see the rest of the editorial.

Galliano Hat

Dior Haute Couture's silk tulle dress