Tuesday, April 5, 2011

George Herman House - Lounge Area

My vision of the lounge area at Toronto's George Herman House. It is a wonderful private area of the Healing Garden. Perfect to read, chat quietly, groom the boxwoods, tend to the herb garden wall or just hang out. 

Click to enlarge.

You must excuse my sorry excuse of a sketch. It looks more like chicken scratchings but I wanted to quickly show the seating layout and how I envisioned the wall of the garage.

Outdoor fabrics from Tonic Living:
- Slick in Mink
- Cool Stripe in Sorbet
- Sunny Side Coral

Paint for garage wall Benjamin Moore:
- Nightfall using Aura Exterior Edition sheen level Flat
(Herb garden & tree will appear to float!) 

Furniture from Ikea
- Ammero seating as sofas
- Ammero ottoman

BonaVista Pools:
Planika Fire Jar

To see more excellent concepts by the many wonderful bloggers volunteering with Bloggers Give Back you can check out our website! To find out more about the wonderful work the George Herman House is doing for women with mental illness please visit their website. If you'd like to donate it's simple almost as simple as clicking here!


  1. Love your design and thanks for posting Dane! xo

  2. Ooo I love this! Love the sketch! And the potted herbs. Glad to meet you! :)

  3. Hi Christine, thank you and thank you for stopping by!

    Hi Whitney! It's so great of you to be helping out with the Bloggers Give Back. Inspiring and really brings home what a small world this really is.


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