Sunday, April 3, 2011

Revisiting a Client Board

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We have a number of projects on our list for our current house. One of the reasons we bought the house was because it has not had any updates or upgrades. We have a hard time paying for someone else's changes because we know we will have to rip them out. We live in a bedroom community in a suburb outside of Toronto where homeowners here think granite counter-tops with GE or Frigidaire stainless appliances equals luxury gourmet kitchen. 

Our personal style is decidedly metro and mid to high end. It will take us some time to achieve the renovations we project at a time and we are still working on our en-suite bathroom and dressing room. But that doesn't stop me from thinking about smaller projects that I think I could tackle myself. ;)

I've been thinking about our powder room recently. It is yucky. You sit on the can and look at yourself in the mirror above the sink and when the door is left open the view is of the toilet. I. Hate. It. To make matters worse hunky hubby Steve is always opening doors to rooms. I can close the door to the powder room a dozen times a day...even though no one has used it. Totally sets me off. I can not stand to look at a toilet as I walk through the main floor of the house.

The only way to solve the 'toilet view' is to swap the toilet an sink so there will be a bit of work beyond my abilities in the basement with the waste stack but lets just ignore that for now. 

I have been focusing on creating the sense of space in our tiny powder room. I 'd like the sink and counter-vanity to be almost transparent but I'm not sure how realistic this is. So thinking about the sink that will become the focal point got me to thinking about an  inspiration board I was commissioned to do for clients a couple of years ago. I dug out the board to see what sink I'd sourced. 

I love the Lucite legs! It's definitely an option.

The board has antiqued mirror which I'm already putting in our en-suite bath and possibly on the back-splash in our kitchen so I won't use it in our powder room but the mood of the board is a nice fit otherwise.

BTW, below is a photo of what the powder room looks like currently. It will be a total gut job, even the sub-floor needs to be replaced as it's chip board.


  1. I loooove your board- every single last ounce of it. The lucite sink base is amazing and antique mirror, yes please- I would love to see it as a backsplash in your kitchen!!

  2. Wow, this has all of the elements of gorgeous!

  3. Thank you so much Christine! The sink is from Water Works. It is lovely. Are you going to Blogfest 2011? Would love to have a chance to hang out!

  4. Kim thank you! I sometimes (often) have doubts about myself so hearing from others they like something I've come up with is very comforting.


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