Saturday, November 13, 2010

Busy busy - but always time for Thrifting!

I've been busy with a couple of clients these past few weeks so I've had absolutely no energy to post a blog.

Makes this a very boring blog to visit...I'm quite aware and feel guilty about. Truthfully I feel like a poser due to my lack of posts. But I've promised myself and will promise you: 

I will NOT post just photos of other peoples work with nothing written but a verb.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy those posts for their beauty and simplicity but I think there are quite enough without my contribution.

So here is a quick peek at my latest find. Photo was, as usual, taken with my iPhone. Appologies.

I found the light at Habitat's ReStore last week for $95! You may have also noticed I painted my dining room...railings by F&B. I was feeling stressed from work so when I got home...I painted. One coat that night and the second the next morning. I feel sooo much better with the beige gone...and my new light up!

The dining room is currently a craft room as well for the kids & admittedly for myself as well but since painting and getting the light up I will divest the room of all crafting...promise! Then the table can go in the centre and the light can be lowered.

Some day, I'll style the place and take real photos. For now, however, you see how we live...the blue thing in the lower right corner of the photo is The Boy...tidying his his new Cookie Monster wool winter hat. His pay for being my assistant yesterday at a client site. He has only taken it off to sleep :)



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  1. Love the teak hutch, the new light fixture (keep meaning to write a shopping column about Habitat's ReStore - you have reminded me to do it!) and the colour - is it navy or black or grey? I am envious of the fact that you just came home and painted. I have long been sick of the generic beige on my walls that apartment building supers across the land somehow deem acceptable to the masses - but I am such a sloppy puss I would never dream of painting it on my own, alas!


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