Monday, November 1, 2010

Black Rooms

It's interesting to see how the trend of black(ish) paint on walls has moved from feature walls to our now seeing entire rooms.

(the far wall with the drapery has yet to be painted white and the baseboards have not been painted yet)

I've done the same myself. Once you've painted a wall realize how liberating it feels. Walls seem to disappear or recede.

When I was in the planning stage of using black paint, Farrow & Balls Railings, I kept stalling because I was not happy with only feature walls. I wanted more. Of course my dilemma was a fear of having too much black.

One night while laying in bed unable to sleep I had the brainstorm (yes I have sleepless nights because of paint): I'd paint all parallel walls in Railings and walls perpendicular to those I'd do in my alternate (which has turned out to be F & B's Blackened btw).

I was as excited as a school girl!

Don't you love when you feel that way? 

I got started first thing the next morning.

I've found a happy place. The black does NOT feel like a contrast to the white walls because they give you the sense they are not even there. The art seems to float in the air. What other colour could do that?

The dining room will have all walls in Railings but otherwise it is all East/West walls on the main floor in Railings and the North/South walls are in Blackened.

I've not finished all the painting yet but you can see the hallway in the photo above.

I think it looks beautiful! Of course, our floors are still the ugly tile but I will not wait for the renos to be done before making our house a home. And it does feel so much more welcoming. The black while being dramatic also feels like a big warm hug. That is what a home feels like.

I can't wait to tackle the stairs and stairwell going up to the second floor but it will have to wait till I get the dining room done next. I will keep you posted on the progress.



  1. So exciting, darling!
    Love dark walls ~ my bedroom is painted a deep marine blue!


  2. Love those bw photos against the black wall.

  3. Carrie, thank you I'm thrilled with the feel of the dark walls.

    Would love you to provide a peek at your bedroom some time. I'm sure it's fab! Deep marine blue sounds fantastic!

  4. Tereza thanks you so much for stopping by the blog!

    It's always good hear from others, who have an innate sense of style, that they like something I've done!

  5. The black with the light walls is perfection!


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