Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stand ins for the right piece

I've been looking for the perfect piece of wall sculpter for above my living room sofa but so far I've not had any luck. I saw this piece at HomeSense for $40. It'll do for now.

This is a superbly bad photo so I included Tallulah my beautiful blue whippet pup...cause y'all tell me how much you love her!




  1. You are right, I adore your pup!!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog, I'm so happy you did, because I found yours!!

    I love the mirror too, and the color of your wall is fab!

    xo Linda

  2. Linda,

    Thank you for the kind words. BTW, your blog site is so well laid out and full of beautiful content!

    Tallulah is quite the popular pup. I can't 20 feet walk down the street without being stopped by people. I have to leave early if I'm walking somewhere with her!

  3. I can see why! And I love her name as well!

    My mom had a dog, and everyone adored her. She (her name was Molly) couldn't hear, so she was really focused on us and our movements. I was so proud any time I took her any place, especially at the vet, because of her perfect behavior. You are so lucky yours is still only a pup, Molly died of old age. (but lived the best life ever :)

    And LOL at you having to take your dog's admirers into account when going somewhere!

    xo Linda

  4. Linda, it's hard to lose them isn't it?

    It never gets easier either. Time does not heal the heart's wounds of a lost pet. I lost my business's namesakes (2 Hounds) a few years ago. Tallulah, however, has shown there is room for a new love!


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