Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mosaic's: Today's Timeless Reminder of Our History

With shelter magazines we've loved and lost still a tender spot for myself (I just this week, in the mail, recieved 'the post card' from Metropolitan)...I wanted to share with you a publication I did not know of until this evening.

Mosaic Art Now has published it's 3rd Edition. Please click on the link and take a few minutes to read about the Five Sisters collaborative work by Emma Biggs. It is a 35 foot long mosaic titled 'Clay End' that will/or did only exist for 6 months.

The process of discovery for the artist is so illuminating and even more so, so very inspirational for our work and the hurdles we some times must see this publication! I won't give away any really must read this awesome article.

I can not believe that a coffee book publication of this quality is only $15. Please join me and support this wonderful publication.

Thank you so very much to Paul Anater over at the Kitchen and Residential Design blog for introducing me to the mag.

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  1. Dane,
    Welcome to the wonderful world of mosaics! As a working mosaicist very familiar with the origins and the evolution of Mosaic Art Now, I echo your thoughts. This publication has brought the awareness of mosaic fine art to an entirely new level.

    Welcome to the club...
    Julie Richey

  2. Wow. It is beautiful, and I was unaware of it as well. Thank you for the tip.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up about Mosaic Art Now. Paul's love of mosaics has been rubbing off on me :-)

    Have you seen Sara Baldwin's tile mosaics?? They're absolutely stunning. You can link to her blog from her web site:

    Nice to "meet" another Canadian blogger :-)



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