Saturday, February 20, 2010

It Only Takes One Visit

I've mentioned in earlier posts I've been on a thrift store hunt for a couple of credenzas or dressers. I've been hunting for a good 4 months hitting every thrift store on the East side of Toronto...takes an entire day...literally. I've on occation found peices I liked but none of them jumped out screaming to come home with me.

My son is in desperate need of one in his bedroom, but I refused to settle, and I really wanted one for my dining room.

A little info on my dining room: it was the kids 'craft' room until early December when I stumbled upon antique Louis XV style dining chairs (4 side & 2 arm) and a Louis XVI dining table. I found them on Kijiji (much easier to search and just as popular as Craigslist in Canada). Kijiji is my fix for when I can't hope in the car to search the thrift stores.

This came as a surprise to dear Steve. One day he comes home from work to hear he's driving me to pick up the table and chairs for the 'dining room'. I got a blank had been a 'craft' room for well over a year with nigh a mention of ever being anything else.

Now I have to add here that I'd been trying out different paint colors on the walls for about a year...and had an inspiration photo taped to the wall...but apparently that does not say 'plans'. I thought it was evident.

So the beautiful table and chairs, turns out, have a history. I met one of the easiest people to be around when we went to get the set. Emmanuelle and her family had moved to Toronto from Paris...via Brussels and Washington D.C.

The dining set had been in Emmanuelle's family in Paris for generations. The chairs are antique reproductions 'in the style of'...hand carved I might add but the table is on original. I *love* them.

I've been to Kravet and Lee Jofa numorous times looking for the perfect fabric to cover the chairs in. Each time I find the perfect fabric I'm told they are on back order. It is now mid-February and I've no fabric to cover the chairs...can you say depressing?!

 Yesterday however, I did find 2 credenzas. What luck! And they were both in the same Salvation Army for $25 each. I'm so happy. I couldn't stop talking about them and grinning last night after Steve got home from work and helped me unload them from the truck.

I now have a lovely bar area in my dining room with a felt drawer for the silverware from my Grandmother. 

So now my dining room looks like a dining need up work but it looks like a grown ups room not a kids paint and play-doh mess. My plan is moving forward, snails pace for sure, but as I like to tell my kids 'slow and steady wins the race'!

Some day I'll find liming wax and refinish the credenza, get the walls lacquered in F&B's Mahogany and get the chairs covered. The room will be stunning. Some day. For now I'm quite happy to have the pieces of the puzzle.




  1. Now, did you say the Salvation Army? One of my favorite place to visit. Great find. I'm jealous.

  2. Yes, and this particular Salvation Army is in a small town so their prices are amazing!

    I also love Goodwill. They have 50% off Fridays all the time!

  3. Looks like you made some terrific purchases. You were - oh so lucky. $25@ - amazing!

    - The Tablescaper


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