Sunday, April 11, 2010

Louis XV Style Chairs - Before & After

I've *finally* started to reupholster my dining chairs. I'd found them on They were in dire need of a facelift and I felt I was up to the task. I've thought that many times. But can't say I've always found it to be true.

I invested countless hours at Kravet & Lee Jofa looking for the perfect fabrics. They had to be special to do the chairs justice. I found a couple fabrics which I felt were worthy of my chairs but each time I was to learn they were on back order and there was not a stitch available.

Something you don't know about burns a hole in my pocket book.

I cannot keep money long before I blow it on some trivial bits and bobs of no use. So the cash I had for my desperately sad looking chairs...has been gone for at least a month.

The other day out of desperation I when to the local upholstery fabric shop to look at any remnants that might inspire me. I was not very hopeful so imagine my surprise when I found a dove gray velvet bolt.

OK! This was great. It was 50% off so I was giddy. Really. Really. Giddy. I was just roaming the aisles (touching all the fabrics) placing complementary patterns and colours together day dreaming about rooms they would look great in when I saw 'it'. The sexy fabric I instantly knew was going take my dining room chairs from classic and tasteful and elevate them to art.

I'd turned down a dark aisle and down at the bottom of a display was a faux snake skin that had a silvery shimmer and texture to die for. It was worth every damn penny and so worth the wait.

I've gotten one chair completed and I am so pleased with the results. I recovered the chairs 'old school'. No staples were used in the reupholstery of the chair.

I think this is the prettiest 'thing' I've ever made.

This is my first attempt at there is an area near the back legs on the seat I've not figured out and nail head tacks are a f'n bitch to work with...but oh it's so pretty!


  1. So pretty! I love the gray with the walnut colour wood. That's the same shade I want to get on my sofa...

  2. Wow, that is fabulous.. and no staples.. girl you are good! You've got a new follower :) xx

  3. Ginger, thank you! I like the mid tone wood with the gray as well. I was thinking of painting for a bit but just couldn't do it.

    Which is so not like me. Generally if there is wood you will find me painting it.

    Thanks so much for stopping in and contributing to my blog!

  4. Hi Sarah!

    This was my first chair to cover. If you look closely at the sides near the back legs I'd not yet figured out how to get the velvet to go on smoothly.

    My most recent post shows the 5th of the 6 chairs I'm covering.

    Now I'm off to read your blog!

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