Friday, January 1, 2010

Week 1 - Master Bath & Dressing Room: Gut/Reno

We have big plans:

We bought our current house because we were going crazy in our previous 1180sf home. Only one could fit in the kitchen or main bathroom at any one time. Cramped quarters when you have 2 small kids (both under 4 at the time), 2 adults and 2 large dogs always at your side (since past :( ).

Our 'new to us' house is just over 3000sf of finished space. We loved the fact that nothing had ever been upgraded in it's 22 years. Builder basic and just waiting for us to save it from it's dreary self. The bedrooms were all large, especially the Master Bedroom with it's 2 walk-in closets, small 'kitchen' area and fair sized bathroom. In fact the whole back of the house was the Master bedroom!

The kitchen was the other buying feature for us. It had to be big and we'd found it with this house. After a total would be fabulous!  

Needless to say we were very anxious to get started on renoing when we took possession.

As life will have it...we've been in the house for almost 1.5 years and not one major reno has taken place. Life...illness (Vasculitis & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder...both me) and therefore lack of fund$ prevented us from undertaking any of the renos that would enhance our life & home.

Our new kitchen, hardwood flooring throughout, new powder room, laundry room and first and formost our bedroom and bathroom were put on hold indefinitely.

Until this week!

We ordered the air-jet tub 3 weeks ago and this week and *finally* began taking out walls in preparation for the tubs delivery on January 5th.
The bedroom reno is being done in two phases:

  1. Dressing room and bathroom
  • The 2 walk-in closets will become 1 large dressing room.
  • The small kitchen area and hallway will be removed to make room for the tub and to open up the bathroom in to the bedroom hall which is currently dividing the closets and bathroom.
  • The bathroom will be enlarged to include the hallway allowing the tub to be a feature upon entering the bedroom.
  • The bathroom will be reconfigured to suit our needs (read HUGE shower and private toilet).
    2.   The bedroom itself:  hardwood, contemporary fireplace and furniture will be done at a later date.

Week 1

So this week we are working on the walk-in conversion to a single large dressing room. It was so exciting to see the wall between come down. It was at that point that I realized just how big the dressing room will be! Bigger than our kids bedrooms in our last house...nice!

The hideous befores showing the hallway (and bathroom wall) which will become part of the bathroom and the wall seperating the closets gone. The second doorway to closet is now closed off and the remaining widened to standard width (the doorways where only 24" wide?!)

To save some money on the flooring in the dressing room (at least until we do the hardwood on the 2nd floor) I'll be painting the subfloor.

Photos: Kelly Hoppen & Miles Redd's Kitchen

As of December 31st the electrical has been completed for the dressing room, chandi over tub and for the air-jet motor as well as for the general lighting in the bathroom.

At some point today I'll be removing the popcorn ceiling in the dressing room so the drywall patching can be completed in at least that room!

I will post progress of the demo as we go along...only 4 more days till the tub is delivered!



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