Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week 2 - Master Bath & Dressing Room: Gut/Reno

When Plans Change - Design Changes

When we bought this house the plan was to stay till the kids completed high school...which is a least 15 years. Therefore any design plans would be what we want with no consideration of resale. We were so excited!

Happy Dance!

Our bedroom was to be dark and mysterious; sensual luxe. This Todd Merrill Antiques print ad was my inspiration:

Then plans were put on hold as I've mentioned in the previous blog Week 1 of the reno. A year later we are ready to reno the Master Bed, Closets and Bath but taking resale in to account.

I was ok with that...the house is still a 5 bedroom executive so I could still make it sensual luxe...just without the dark and mysterious since it is in suburbia.

Fast forward to yesterday. I've worked out the design and materials/finishes. Polished carrera 2" hexagon tile for the floor with moonstone border, shower done in Carrera slabs and 1/4" square get the idea.

source unknown :(

So yesterday I wanted to see what I could find in the moonstone for the boarder. Wanting to spend time with my DH sans kids I brought Steve.

This may be where I made my first mistake. Steve and I have similar taste. It runs on the dramatic side...and the moment he saw the 1" hex polished blue stone I knew I was in trouble.

My second mistake was indulging him by putting the hex blue stone next to the porceline distressed steel look tile he really wanted to use. It was dark and mysterious just as I'd planned...originally.

I think I've traced back to where I messed up. I didn't share with Steve the design. I assumed he knew what I'd planned. Perhaps through osmosis at night sleeping beside me?

So it's decision time.

  • Should I be flexible and incorporate both plans in to the design? (But there is so much contrast!!)
  • Stick with the 'resale' plan? (Which involves convincing Steve to let go of our dream bath for at least a few more years?)
  • Or stay true to our likes and go back to the original design and to hell with resale?


  1. To hell with the resale! Build the home of YOUR dreams.

  2. Yep I think you are right Betsy! I read your comment back on the 10th and it's stuck with me.

    I will stick to the plan, the original that is!


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