Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday Flight of Fancy

We are just about to put hardwood in to our dining room. Unfortunate...the ceiling has  the popcorn ceiling finish. I don't have the time to strip it and refinish it so I have primed it and painted it. 

I still want the ceiling to be fabulous so I'm racking my brain for what I can do to take it to the next level. I do love a challenge!

Am I fooling myself or is this simply a flight of fancy? 
Do you think there can be anything redeeming about a popcorn ceiling? 

Until I figure it out...and I only have a day or two *gasp* here's a snippet of the room prior to ripping up the old parquet...iPhone photo :/


  1. ooooh tough one!

    We left the weird finished ceiling in the dining room from when the house was first built...its this wavy texture. The walls curve up into the ceiling...I'm sure it was standard in a lot of houses, but you don't see it I like it...

    but I am not sure you have 80 years to wait around until the popcorn ceiling is charming??

    I say get a fabulous chandelier and don't look any higher :)

  2. I like your pieces of choice. The decor isn't too m much and it really balances the blue walls. Your work mimics the style of another company I know-- Furnishr. You might enjoy their designs as well, or you've heard of them? Here's their link


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