Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stunning Kitchen

I am agog. This kitchen is over the top wonderful. From the oak floor and needlepoint runner to the blue delft(?) platters and the distressed pillars flanking the range. This kitchen is right up my alley. Dark, warm and inviting with tons of drama and more than a little sense of history. 

Also note the black of the cabinets is actually a navy...see my previous post about navy being the new black ;)

It is so rare to see a mix of patterns in a kitchen! The potted African Violets are perfect. My mother has a green thumb with them. Me...not so much.

My own kitchen is in the process of being updated. I won't have the hardwood like the on above however. We are stuck with the existing ceramic tile since we've decided to sell in the spring...we have over $15, in 15K! of hardwood currently being installed throughout the house *ack* but that's another blog post). But my cabinets are black with satin brass pulls and I'll have a beautiful old area rug in there. Kitchen won't be complete till March, at the earliest. I suspect it will be completed in April.

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