Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Flight of Fancy

The phrase, 'flight of fancy' can be defined as an unrealistic or fantastic notion, a pipe dream.

Beauties, you and i will never accept the notion of our dreams and desires to be unrealistic. 

What we crave in our homes and our lives may take time to be realized, but we know, implicitly:  a flight of fancy is the unleashing of the soaring heights.

With this philosophy in hand designer's make client's dreams come true and inspire us to expand our dreams!

Friday flight of fancy...

Don't let anyone tell you:
- A stuffed deer head can not possibly look stylish in a bedroom.

- Drama belongs on the stage.
Source: via Dane on Pinterest

- Patterned wallpaper can't be a neutral background.

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  1. Love this post! Drama momma. I do have to agree that I don't usually like a deer head but it does look chic in this space:) Hope you are doing well:)

    Amy R.


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