Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kravet's Blogfest2011 1st Post....

I returned home from NYC and Blogfest2011 last night. I have over 500 photos (after deleting  blurry/redundant/unflattering shots). I was going to watermark before posting them on Picasa but I think I'll simply upload and trust in receiving link love...and I must say, the bloggers I just spent the last 4/5 days with are amazing at sharing the love!

*Update: Day 1 of BlogFest2011 is now available: 

Everyone I met was warm, open and enthusiastic. We were over the top excited about all the plans Kravet had for us and just as enthused to be sharing it with like minded design bloggers. We all left BlogFest2011 with at least 100 potential blog posts and I for one can't wait to read my fellow blogger's posts recapping the week in NYC.

This particular post of mine has no 'subject' per say. It is simply a Thank You to Beth Kimless Greene of Kravet who conceived, laboured and birthed Blogfest2011 and to thank the Kravet Family who where with us each and every day to share their experience and knowledge of the design elite in North America. 

Beth along with Jeniffer Powell blew us away with the agenda they set for us. I will be posting for the next...who knows how long about the wonderful and professionally rewarding week I had in NYC.

BlogFest2011 House Beautiful Luncheon

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