Saturday, May 21, 2011

Delta's Amazing In2ition

I recently helped a Realtor with a listing she had in Cabbagetown which is a beautiful area in Toronto full of Victorian homes. The listing I worked on was stunning...if you could see past the Funeral Parlor look and feel of the previous owner. 

There was some work to be done prior to listing...ok there was LOTS of work to be done but I had a limited budget of $10,000 to do the repairs, minor updates, paint 2/3 of the home as well as stage it with rental furniture. 

The listing went extremely well...I'm told the house looked fabulous...and it sold for hundreds of thousands more than it was listed for. Yes, the house sold, firm, in six days setting a record for the neighbourhood. Yay me! 

Some simple updates to the house created the buzz. The have to be show stoppers! Lighting is the first thing I always change. Not all the fixtures but 2 or three key pieces. 

I find one of the most overlooked updates are the faucets and Delta Faucets makes my favorite uber functional kitchen faucet, the Pilar H2O Touch. 

For this house I also updated the shower with a new shower head. The bathroom had been renovated and was nice but not one that would make you WANT to use the shower. It had a plain old shower I put in Delta's In2Ition. You won't believe this: you simply replace your existing shower head with the In2Ition...and you get a 2-in-1 head and hand held:

If you are looking for easy, WOW, updates I recommend you seriously look at Delta's Pilar and In2Ition. You'll be glad you did! The Pilar kitchen faucet and the In2ition are available at retail showrooms as well as plumbing showrooms.

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