Monday, April 18, 2011

Just Because Mondays

The series, Just Because Mondays, is my way of easing in to a new week of blogging. It will feature what is top on my list of desires so it can be absolutely anything.

Today's post is clothing that I would so love to have in my closet:

- An outfit by the late Alexander McQueen. 

- This dress I came across on Aspinal of London...I don't know who designed it but it's exactly what I imagine wearing in my office...when it's been's currently storage. Not sure what's up with the vapid look on the model's face.

- Last but certainly not by any means crepe bra and briefs from Carine Gilson available through Net-a-Porter.

What's with the obsession for the colour blush? Truth be told I'm uncomfortable wearing pale pretty colors but I've decided if I can't wear it I'll paint my office in it. Now that I've made that decision...I am finding I am wanting to try wearing it. Too bad for me my taste runs a wee bit expensive!


Yay, I love to hear what's on your mind!