Friday, April 22, 2011

Be Still My Heart

Cruising 1stDibs for lighting. I'm looking for 2 matching ceiling fixtures and 2 sconces for the vanity. While I found several I liked they where over the top expensive so I've had no luck for our ensuite bath. Poopsies for me.

But I found this beauty! It would look so great over an island. Not what you normally see in a kitchen which is why I like it. It's pricey but perhaps not for someone doing a full kitchen renovation. Isn't the pink of the opal glass pretty? Hmm, it would look lovely in a dressing room too. Oh the possibilities!

Source: via Dane on Pinterest

For those of you who are super duper good at DIY (I'm NOT), I also saw the light fixture below and thought someone might be inspired by it. 

Source: via Dane on Pinterest

I suppose these inspiring kitchen light fixtures are fitting for this holiday weekend. I hope you all have a wonderful time and enjoy the people you're with!

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