Friday, March 25, 2011

Sometimes It's All In Their Mouth

Taste. Some people have it and some don't. Same goes for class and style.

Tonight I've read a blog post by a fellow Canadian Design Blogger that saddens me. It is in a round about way bashing a Designer yet they have no first hand knowledge of what transpired. Sometimes being pseudo-anonymous behind a blog makes it's easy to natter away about others when it doesn't involve them and they were not privy to the situation. 

Here is the blog post doing this currently about a female Canadian Designer who is allegedly famous and on HGTV. So obviously NOT me, I'm neither famous nor on HGTV...although I'd be open to both opportunities.

The problem is this:  the story is told from the 3rd person perspective and important details are conveniently ignored left out yet it is rather vicious and seems to decide the Decorator was an overbearing monster.

It was also sad to see the name calling of some successful designers and the innuendos as to who it could be that so wronged the clients. Honestly, I think there is far more to the story than the clients are willing to admit. 

I was going to right a comment on the blog post but decided I'd post my response below:

It's always sad to hear clients are not happy with the service BUT I have a big problem with this story. If this was the 'big name' Decorator that it suggests there is no way the client would not have known the sofa was going to be beige. 

The client would HAVE to sign off on the fabric for the sofa and place a deposit before it was purchased by the designer. They would have been given detailed invoicing for the time spent and what the time was spent on. They would have known the hourly rates as they would have been in the contract. 

There are so many flaws to the story even if some details where left out.

This sounds fishy to me. Perhaps it was not such a 'big name' decorator. There are some pretty crappy ones on TV but there is no way the handful of top Designers nor Decorators in Toronto would work the way these clients did with their decorator. 

There is nothing wrong with the prices they paid. For example the quality of the roman blinds are excellent. I always choke when I get the quotes from the workroom for drapery. When a client is willing to invest this kind of money they are not looking to get some drapery from InVu let alone from HomeSense or Bouclair.

I'd love to see what the decor looked like after the reveal rather than the

P.S. Someone mentioned this is not TV so why the Reveal: 
1. so the furniture, drapery etc is delivered and installed all at once therefore saving the client multiple delivery charges.
2. so the items don't get damaged, by pets, kids, etc. before the install.
3. so the client gets the WOW they are paying for!
4. items can take weeks to months to arrive so rather than having the client disrupt their lives multiple times and have missed deliveries or who knows what that can go wrong it is done in one fell swoop. AKA the reveal.

*sigh* I gotta go look at some pretty blue bedrooms to feel better.


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