Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You 'Moss' See This!

Although it's only the beginning of the winter I've gotten an email that has me thinking of spring. By now we are all familiar with green or live walls but they are a lot of work to install with proprietary systems. There is a new product on the market for those who would like a simple install with no maintenance.

Yes, I said 'no' maintenance! MOSStile available through Benetti Stone uses lichen on an eco-resin ready for install. There is no watering, fertilization or pruning required, which is perfect for those who are green thumb challenged. About the only requirement is a humidity level of 50%. The lichen is available in 12 different colors.

For someone like me (who likes to preserve energy...yeah I spin it, lazy makes it sound like it's a bad thing) MOSStile sounds like a fantastic alternative. Just think, if you do a wall in your less wall to wash!

I've wanted to do a green wall outside at the front entrance to our house for some time. I would love to see if the MOSStile stands up to our winters; it should, lichen grows in the Arctic.


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