Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Never Overlook Smaller Thrift Stores

I almost never mention where I purchase my thrift store finds. I didn't want to give 'product placement' so I've tried to remain vague. But I think I've been looking at it wrong. It's not about selling for a business with no benefit to myself; it's about helping you find the perfect pieces!

So with that, I'm going to divulge my sources of thrift stores you may not know of. Which you will see include some great finds.

Bibles For Missions:


A sample of what I've found at Bibles for Missions in the GTA:


St. Vincent de Paul:

Canada - you'll have to google for your local SVP thrift stores...unfortunately they aren't quite up on helping us find their local stores...but so worth googling to find one!

Some SVP finds: 


$5 side table (yesterdays find!)

 Of course you all know about the Salvation Army and Goodwill. If they'd like links...they can contact me ;)

I'm going to keep this post updated so if you have any lessor known Thrift Stores in your back pocket let me know and I'll add the links.



  1. i cant believe how reasonable all of these amazing finds are! so impressed.

  2. I always got to the MCC's
    There is one in Port Colborne where my parents live...


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