Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Timbreblue Dances For Money

Tallulah aka Tulah aka Tally aka Lulu aka The Tallywacker....

I'd love you to meet my wee blue girl:  Timbreblue Dances For Money. Her pedigree can be seen in the Whippet Archives.

Her family name is Tallulah Caldwell Kuffert. Tulah is a Whippet pup whelped in Lexington Virginia May 26th of this year. I was so lucky to find the breeders Timbreblue. They have a blogspot blog as well in case you are looking for breeders who are AMAZING.

I saw my wee blue girl being born which was just incredible to be able to experience.

Tallulah is too cool...she is in disguise. And asleep.

Whippets sleep a lot.

Whippets catch rabbits. 13 weeks old is getting a bit of a jump on that instinct.

While doing her whippet yoga...she fell asleep. Ms. Piddles.

Steve Owned.

Tallulah's Lee Industries sofa...she'll grow in to it. Sort of.

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