Sunday, September 12, 2010

The ever witty, clever and stylish Karen & her DIY fire pit

I want one and you will too.

Just in time for cool crisp Canadian evenings, read FREEZING, Karen Bertelsen has posted a DIY fire pit on her blog 'the art of doing stuff' that is tres chic.

Feast your eyes on the finished'll have to go to Karen's blog for the step by step details.

I am so making this.




  1. That's the most chic firepit I've ever seen! I think i need one...

  2. I spent all day yesterday looking for a suitable metal planter but it was a bust.

    I have one that would look great but it has sebums in it that I just repotted 2 weeks ago...I may have to repot them again.

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for the link and the compliments!

    If you can't find a suitable metal planter, try looking for one that's clay! I just found one the other day at my local garden centre to use on a segment I'm doing for the Steven & Chris! It's a square, gold/bronze clay planter with an edge. Keep looking! You'll find something. - karen!

  4. Karen it's my pleasure to direct readers to your blog!

    I've thought about doing ceramic but I'm holding out for something lighter so I can easily move it around.

    I'm not giving up!



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