Friday, May 14, 2010

You're So Vain, Mirror In the...Kitchen?!

Yesterday I felt like doing something different. So I put a mirror on the wall in the kitchen. Why not, we put them in dining rooms right?

Tonight we sat down at the table to eat dinner (last night we sat in front of the T.V.). Turns out a mirror in the kitchen may not be the best idea with a 5 year old and a (almost) 7 year old. The 'girl'...6 going on 17, spent the whole meal watching herself, flipping her hair...blowing kisses(?!) and dancing in her seat.

Daddy (Steve aka Shteebe) was totally irked. Dinner took longer and the kids where told more often then usual to 'turn around and eat'.

Lesson learned:  If you want to put a mirror in the kitchen and are considering kids...get the mirror first.

BTW, looking at the image above...I totally get a white kitchen. Cause before...I wasn't so sure it was the hottest trend...but that kitchen is HOT!



  1. these are great pics - love the white cabinetry in a dark space!
    so funny about the mirror though- I've always loved how kids admire themselves but that gets old fast when you're trying to get through dinner! : )

  2. I love the concrete floor too!

    Amazingly the kids where much better at dinner tonight. I was quite surprised we only had to tell them a few times to turn around. Last night was terrible!


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