Monday, May 17, 2010

Perils Of Renovations: Public Humiliation

Since I'm working on updating our foyer I've divested it of all things useful. The mirror, useful for that 'final mirror check' before running out the door, seems to be the most crucial item removed from my foyer.

Last week I was exhausted. This is my excuse.

The set up:  I had a very busy week; work, kids, foyer (mudding & sanding) etc. I'd put the kids to bed, stripped of my jeans and sat down on the bed to quickly check my email. The Girl came in and asked if she could cuddle with me for a bit so I snuggled in with her...'for a minute' and promptly fell asleep with her in my arms. *heaven*

At some point during the night I recall my bra was hurting my ribs. I vaguely remember having to sit up to get both arms around behind my back to undo it. That is all I can remember.

The next day got off to a crazy start as it always does on days when both The Boy and The Girl have school. I slept in, they where chatty when eating, pokey when getting dressed and constantly trying to sneak in to the family room to watch tv. So I ran around with my tooth brush in one hand, lunch bags in the other shouting 'get dressed', 'brush your teeth', 'leave your sister alone'...before we go running out the door with me sprinting and yelling 'come on you can do it up on the way'!!

All in all the day got off to a regular start...except the funny looks I was getting from the other parents dropping off the grocery store, liquor store...and then again from the teachers & parents when I was picking up the kids after school.

I didn't think too much about the extra looks I was getting. My short term memory is not what it used to be so I forgot quickly and therefore never paused to consider the reason beyond my new bangs (we'll save that for another day of shared humiliation).

While making dinner I reached under my t-shirt to scratch between my shoulder blades. I'll be damned if I didn't feel the bra I thought I'd taken off the night before.

OMG, it was across my chest at armpit height all day. All. Day.

I have got to get the foyer done. I've decided to totally mirror one wall.



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