Monday, May 3, 2010

Nothing Could Be Finer Then...South Carolina?

We are just making plans for our summer trip to South Carolina. We can not wait to get back. Last summer we were there for 3 weeks.

We would *love* to buy a home in Charleston:

I can't remember if this stunning property was on S. Battery or Murry Blvd. But I'd buy it...if I won the lottery.

But I'd perfectly happy with:

Yep, that's me in the photo...being nosey. See it had a for sale sign and was vacant. Turns out it had been purchased. It had been used as a rooming house (horrors) and was going to be reno' to what I don't know. But I think I look perfectly at home. We can't wait to see what has been done with 'our' Plantation style home south of Battery.

I love the bridge in to Historic Charleston:

I love the old cobblestone roads:

I miss the magnolia trees in full bloom AND with leaves at the same time. FYI:  In Toronto we get the flowers for about 3 weeks then about a month later the leaves come in.

Can't wait for July!


  1. sounds great! I've always wanted to go - the architecture is so pretty.

  2. Lisa, if you ever get a chance definitely go you will love it.

    Porter Air now flies out of Toronto Island direct to Mrytle Beach SC...Then it's a short (~2 hour drive to Charleston).

    Of course there is always flying out of Buffalo straiht to Charleston! There are some outstanding B&B's in the Historic District.

    BTW, I love your Jo iPhone cases!


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