Monday, May 3, 2010

1stdibs Has It's 1st Pop Up Installation Featuring 3 of NYC's Top Designers

1stdibs (online antique and vintage design resource)  along with 3 of New Yorks top designers (Steven Gambrel, Julie Hillman and David Mann) have collaborated to produce 3 designer showcase penthouses for the newly constructed LEED-certified loft residences at 1 Jackson Square in Greenwich Village.

Of course the stunning lofts are available however you can also purchase any of the furnishings, selected by the designers, online at or on site at 1 Jackson Square!

- I so wish I could go!

Steven Gambrel's interiors:

Oh! Looks like Farrow & Balls Mahogany in the bedroom.

I love the Bargello drapery. Steven also used Bargello on a throw pillow on the bed as well as in another room of the loft. A man after my own heart!

I love Steven's loft the best. The rooms are so livable and have so many layers. Each room tells the story of a life lived full of texture, art and mystery.

Julie Hillman's loft:

I Love this bedroom. It is well edited, organic and modern. This is so achievable in everyone's home. I especially love the light fixture.



Oh it's killing me to say it but I don't like it! Nothing works. I was *so* excited when I saw the bedroom. I can't help but wonder if Julie left a hint in the living room as to what happened with her design of the loft.

David Mann:

Oh, for the love of Pete...please ignore the formatting of the blog. Blogger is not 'blog friendly'.
Well I like the office. Particularly the wall covering and the desk/storage piece.

Perhaps Julie and David's lofts had 1stdibs buyers through who purchased a bunch of stuff...before the photographer arrived.



  1. I agree about Steven's loft - gorgeous! It feels like a home I could live in!! The other designers' work made me thing they were trying (too hard) to achieve an artful impact rather then create spaces to live... although, like you, I liked the feel of Julie's bedroom.

    As for your Blogger problems... have you tired Windows Live Writer? It's a free MSN download that makes blogging so much easier!!

    I wanted to thank you for dropping by DesignTies and commenting on our yard transformation - I'm so looking forward to planting shrubs, flowers and shimmery grasses!!


  2. I love the drapes, it got me thinking about my house...

  3. Victoria, thanks so much for Live Writer tip! BTW, it was my pleasure to stop by your blog. I enjoy it!


  4. Ginger, LOL if you end up with a new project...make sure to post about it on your blog!

  5. Steven's loft is definitely my choice, though I find the rooms a little dark - I prefer brighter spaces. These rooms would be great at night though- so comfy.

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