Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lacquered Walls

I've been on a quest for some time now to learn the proper technique of applying paint and lacquer to achieve a mirror like finish.

To date, however, I've not had much luck! We all know the wall must be absolutely free of blemish...perfectly smooth. But then what?!

At this point I'm considering testing out a couple of different...well I'll call them 'techniques' but really they are just 'ideas':
  1. A dozen coats of high gloss paint. Some have mentioned sanding between coats. I don't expect this to give me the results I'm looking for but it may give a subtle effect. I'll likely try 2 samples; one with sanding between dried coats and one without sanding.
  2. My idea is to apply matte paint (to ensure the depth of colour I want) as you normally would paint a wall then apply (possibly) multiple coats of lacquer. The dining room, where I ultimately plan on lacquering my walls, is south facing so very bright which tells me I'll most likely have to apply the lacquer with a sprayer *groan* to avoid any brush or roller marks. I'll try this with & without the sanding between coats...of the lacquer.
LOL, this would be so much easier if someone would detail how to do this...alas, this may be for me to do. That's ok, I don't mind doing the foot work my only concern is that I still don't have the proper technique listed above.

I'd love any suggestions or if you know maybe you know Miles Redd...and could ask him!

Well, in appreciation of your patience reading through this post here are some fab inspiration photos of lacquered walls!

Barclay Fryery

uknown source


Feinburg's lacquered ceiling

House & Garden

Unknown Source

*Bisous* - Dane


  1. Does it really take 12 coats to achieve a lacquered finish? Wow, and great images you've shown as examples!

  2. Hi Maria, I hope not! I'll try a couple and see how it looks if it needs more I'll sand and add a couple more coats....

    I'll be sure to share my results!

  3. I wonder if 12 coats of lacquer will crack over time? It looks so beautiful, nice effect.

  4. OMG Wouldn't that be sad if it cracked?!

    I think it wouldn't be an issue if done with a quality lacquer or varnish. I wonder if oil based would allow more movement reducing potential cracking?

    BTW, I *love* Charlotte! I'm there at least once a year. I've family there and we buy our cars there and import them back to Canada. We've even considered buying a house there...till we went to Charleston....

    Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. Do check out the following post...where I reveal a simple away to lacquer your walls and the method I've recently discovered Miles Redd uses!


  5. I think those walls look great! Good luck! I would love to see pictures!

    The bathroom with the black tub and gloddy black walls is so dramatic, the perfect pop of color with the arm chair too!


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