Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A New Front Entrance to Brighten the Day

Fieldstone Windows and Doors was at my place today to swap out the 25 year old builder door and side lights. The entrance was dark 24/7 and drafty as hell.

Our old door:
Dingy eh? That was this morning. The door fronts on the East so the sun would flood the foyer with a new door.

Take a look at the difference now that the new door is in:
That's what I'm talkin' about! The amount of light coming in is so bright you can't even see the details of the door. 

The old door had only 2 hinges and was light as a feather...sound familiar? That's what you get when you buy a door from those 'big box' stores for a few hundred bones. 

My new door is frickin' solid! When it engages it is air-tight. And best of all it's got style. 

Here's what it looks like today from outside:
Sexy brushed nickle lock set and, what's this...they even put in a new door bell! Awesome. The fit and finish of the door is great and the trim work inside by the guys from perfect! 
Can't wait to paint out the trim (in sable to match the new windows Fieldstone installed in November) and I'm thinking I'm going to do the door and a bright coral colour. Cause I've really wanted to use coral for a while now and wholly impact that would be on the door! 

Here's a shot with the brick to give you a feel. So far the two colour options are C2's Fantasia on the right and Flamingo on the left (colours do look better IRL):

And another shot with the trim colour (sable) and some inspiration with the same colours:

Thank you Ken, Scott, Steve, Rose, Tansy and everyone at Fieldstone for everything!

BTW, they've just started blogging so watch for some good info and maybe, the nosey parker in me hopes, some sneaky peaks in people's houses...ah, I mean of their new doors/windows. I do love me some good before and afters!


  1. It's good that you let sunlight to pass through your door… it might be a bit of an exaggeration, but a door greatly signifies hope. Your house has now been filled with more hope and light! :D
    -Raphael Jeanfrancois

  2. I totally prefer the new door with the windows to the old one. It definitely brightens up the place and helps regulate temperature inside, so that’s going to save you a bit on energy costs as well. What color did you end up painting your door?

    - Terry Arnold

  3. I prefer the new door too! Going with just one sidelight instead of two also makes your door look wider, so there’s also an aesthetic benefit to replacing your door. Oh, and if it isn’t too late (I think it is though, LOL), I’d suggest going with the darker shade of pink for your door. There are flecks of the same color in the bricks in your siding, so that would tie the whole fa├žade together.

    ~ Danielle Bailey ~

  4. Beautiful Pictures!!
    It seems durable too.
    Thanks for sharing:)

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