Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I apologize to Good Taste for I have offended it!

To paint or stain?

That was NOT the question I asked myself about updating our oak staircase. To paint the treads would be a job half done. I will put in the time to strip and sand the treads in order to stain them to match (as closely as is humanly possible) the Brazilian Teak which will go down on the floor.

Teaser photo:
Isn't this staircase absolutely gorgeous?!

Obviously not my staircase but probably the most beautiful I've even come across.


When we bought the house one of the selling features for me was the oak staircase. I am not a fan of carpeting. Everyone in our family has stock in Puffs with lotion because of dust; so, 'carpet begone', said I of the faded rose runner up the stairs.

Fast forward 3 years (omg?!) and the stairs are sans carpet but remain the same 'honey oak' as when we purchased them. I hang my head in shame. I should have done something about them at least 2 years ago. 

I apologize to 'good taste' for I have offended it!

So I now blog to you, dear readers, with wrinkled fingers (*nb* latex does NOT stand up to stripper). I promise to have the stairs stripped and sanded by the end of this week come Hell or high water! I've stripped and sanded 2 treads this afternoon to see how I fair. All is well other than needing new thicker gloves.

There are, wait I have to go count....
11 more stair treads to do which I feel confident I can get done in 2 days...spread out over this week...'cus, you know, life and shit.



p.s. If anyone has used paint and varnish strippers and can tell me of one that works better than Min tell! 

*Sept. 26, 2011* Update:

Stairs are moving forward! I've now begun prepping the risers, banisters and posts.


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