Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration Provided By Design Tweeters

You never know where or when inspiration will come to you. Recently I've been hearing Bijou & Boheme & Toronto Interior Designer phenom Meredith Heron tweeting about Christine's kitchen design Meredith is doing. It has peaked my interest and unexpectedly helped me with my stalled inspiration for my own kitchen. #Win ;)

I knew I wanted White marble but that was the only thing I was sure of. Did I want gray, white or black cabinets? Did I want modern or traditional doors? Did I really want the organic wood trend in my kitchen or was it just an infatuation?

Truth be told I've dreamed about kitchens for the last 2 nights. A Hodge Podge of kitchens and excited chatter with Christine & Meredith. Hmmm, sounds like Twitter has influenced my dream style. I blame Christine and Meredith and thank them as well for unwittingly being my design muses. 

So what have I decided? 30's chic inspired baby! Behold my inspiration photos:

Baba, stylist extraordinaire has a 20's, 30's style I greatly admire and Miles Redd has a kitchen I salivate over.

My decisions:

  1. Traditional cabinet doors.
  2. Custom high gloss painted cabinets in black(ish).
  3. Backsplash should have a matted sparkle (does this make sense) like Baba's gold lame' blouse or solid bangle. I'm thinking Rocky Mountain Hardware tile backsplash.
  4. Light fixtures will be a warm metal finish.
  5. Faucets should evoke the flow of the dress in the first image. source unknown
  6. Marble will have the 'hand' (tactile feel) of the dress.
Kitchen design, I've concluded will be by Carol Reed Design (I do not have the experience designing kitchen layouts and Carol does exceptional kitchens. Some day I'll formally request her expertise!

Now, cash flow is all that's holding me back. PR firms...make your pitches ;)


  1. First off, thank you so much for the very kind mention:) Meredith and I are having so much fun and being able to connect with others during the process is making it even more exciting. Next up, I LOVE your inspiration folder and your list of 'do's is so so good. Adore the idea of black glossy cabinets and white marble tops- and the RM tiles, to die for! I love their stuff!! I can't wait to see what you come up with. xo

  2. Thank you Christine for sharing your excitment. It is so much fun watching for your tweets and checking your blog for snippets of details.

    Hope to see you at the Dabble Launch Party!


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