Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Morning's = Nostalgia

My favorite way to spend Sunday mornings include white wine, a selection of cheeses and charcuteries as well as artisanal breads. Regrettably, I've not been able to do this since...well not since I lived a short stroll from the Atwater Market in Montreal.

Saturday afternoons I'd make my way over to the Atwater Market.

My first and favorite stop was La Fromagerie. Owner Gilles Jourdenais has owned this boutique cheese and deli shop since 1983. You never buy without a taste. And they will work hard to find the cheeses you like. They have about 800 cheeses! Yes, this is boutique cheese shopping at it's best.

You always walk out with a smile on your face. Just look at can you not be happy after spending a bit of time with him. Everyone behind the glass display and cash are happy in this shop.

I bought my coffee, cheese and deli meats from Gilles every Saturday. One of my favorite coffee mugs, to this day, is one Gilles gave me. They appreciate coffee should be in a Large mug.

Then next up was the wine. Atwater Market is blessed with an SAQ Classique Terroirs d'ici (Liquor store).

I'd pick up a bottle of white to complement the cheese I'd purchased. I should tell you I'm a complete neophyte when it comes to cheese. If I'd had more than a year shopping at La Fromagerie I am certain I'd be a connoisseaur.

I'd grab some fresh fruit and vegetables and perhaps a steak for Saturday's dinner then make my final stop at Boulangerie Premiere Moisson...

for a hot cafe au lait en bol and a fresh warm loaf of an artisinal bread.

Thank you for traveling down memory lane with me this Sunday.



  1. Dane, Now I'm hungry!

    And I really and truly want to visit Monsieur Gilles marvelous shop.


    If the Lamp Shade Fits

  2. Now that is my idea of a perfect Sunday! This post makes me miss Montreal- hoping to take a little road trip that way over the holidays though- must check out this sold me at wine, cheese, bread and coffee:)

  3. Raina, Montreal is an incredible Canadian city. You'd love it!

  4. Christine, did you live in Montreal? My husband, Steve, was born there but his family moved to Oakville when he was 7.

    I lived there for 3 years. It is my favorite city in Canada...although I do not like the freezing cold winters!

    Definitely go to the Atwater Market. It's especially nice in the summer!

  5. I would love to spend a Sunday with you!

  6. what a perfect Sunday that would be - that market looks amazing :)

  7. Oh - the cafe au lait is swirly goodness!


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