Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Motivational Inspiration - get yourself to the One of A Kind Show

I'm so stoked about Toronto's Christmas oneofakind Show and Sale which opens tomorrow (Thursday November 25th) and runs till December 5th.

I have been looking at some of the artists attending the OKS this a.m. and it's gotten me more motivated than ever.

Think about it:
  • No shipping charges (cause most of us do not have a U.S. addie for free shipping).
  • No duty on the gifts you buy (be they for friends & family or for yourself...yes you DO deserve it!). I have confirmed from vendors, Canada Customs has been cracking down on imported 'gifts' and applying duty. I *know*; that's dootie! ;)
  • No waiting for your on-line order to be delivered!! Don't kid yourself. We are in Canada...Canada Post is notorious for being slow.
  • Shop at the show, gift wrap and mail...guaranteed on time delivery for Xmas!
I'm looking forward to meeting:

Artist Kelly Grace

(her blog)

Kelly in her studio. She's adorable. The painting: WANT!


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