Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rainy Day Project - Snake Print Tray

Needed something to do to feel slightly productive today. This tray has been in my dining room holding the 'booze'. The interior lining has been a source of iritation going on 3 years now. Talk about procrastination!

This afternoon I decided to use some of the fabric I'm upholstering the back of the Louis XV style antique chairs. A sexalicious snake print!

Much better!

Back in place.

How do you like my 'new to me' retro floor lamp? Needs to be rewired...another rainy day project.

Now, show me your bar set up.



  1. Oops, should mention the paint swatches on the wall. They are Farrow & Balls Mahogany. I will be painting the dining room in this (then lacquering it).

    I've got a bit of an icky buzz from the adhesive glue despite using it outdoors :(

  2. Ooooh, that snake skin print IS sexalicious!! Your tray makeover looks great!! :-) And your new floor lamp is funky.

    Our bar set up is currently a kitchen cabinet filled with bottles -- not too impressive!! ;-)

    Thanks for checking out my bedroom makeover post -- it's been a long work in progress!! In fact, I'm planning to head over to HomeSense in a few minutes and see if I can find some accessories :-)


  3. Hi there! Where did you get the snake print fabric??



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