Monday, May 10, 2010

I've been 'told' I'm not to start another project in our house. I actually have to finish the ones I've started!

This is so hard to do. Yes, there are many projects in our house which are 'in progress'...but they are stalled at points where I have no control over their advancement towards completion. Well OK not all of them...I could do the plaster repairs in the foyer since I've already stripped the popcorn ceiling. But that is so messy with all the sanding and so not fun.

So I pace. I pace around the house from project to project and pass...all. the. potential. projects.

I could start any number today....

I need to get out. Really. I will start a project if not distracted soon.

Are you spinning your wheels? Do you have projects desperate for you to get started?

I really want to get my dining room painted. But...I have to remove the dreaded popcorn ceiling first...which then entails having to re-plaster the joints, sanding, more plaster and sanding.

Steve would not be impressed to return home from work today to find the ceiling stripped. But I could have it done in like an hour and a half tops! How can I NOT do it?!

I need to get out of the house before I do something Steve will regret.



  1. Oh sister - I do feel your pain :)! We are definitely cut from the same cloth!

    Thanks for your comments on my "confession" post (lol)! It actually really helped that I listed them - makes me accountable to address them (notice I didn't say finish them ;).

  2. LOL, Donna I would consider your list an absolutely appropriate addressing. Now you can have a drinky of wine and feel good that you've got a list!

    Me...I could not possibly list them...I don't do accountability in this house. That's for dear Steve.


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