Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fibonacci: Geometry of Desire

Missoni is synonymous with it. Designers and decorators ''throw" it, "drape" it and "paint" it.

The Geometric Fibonacci Sequence aka Bargello:

via:  The Goods Design, Gossip Girl Set via Tobi FairleyApartment Therapy, unknown,'s DesignInTell BlogAdler Pillows via Material Girls Blog, Missoni Converse...j'adore!  



  1. Wow. gorgeous pictures. Have always been fascinated with the Fibonacci series and you have nailed it beautifully.

  2. Hi Mary! Thank you, I love how timeless it is.

    I hear you are going to Kimberly's showroom. How exciting! If it is between July 11th and mid-August I'll drive up to Myrtle Beach so I can say hi and catch up. I'll be in Beaufort, SC then so easy peasy!

  3. Would love to see you, Dane. Color reunion! Can't wait to get to Myrtle Beach. The last time I was there was Spring Break, 1979.


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