Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pining For Pendants

Unable to fall asleep I'd been laying in bed thinking about mounting 3 black pendant lights over the bathtub we are installing. So I popped an Imovane and hit the internet in search of black pendants while waiting for the sleeping pill to take effect.

Within minutes I'd found over a dozen and knew I had to share!

First are the Tom Dixon 'Beat' & 'Stout' pendants that where keeping me from sleep:

Others I loved:

David Trubridge - Coral Pendant

Bestlite & Jielde

These Jake Phipps 'Jeeves and Wooster' top hat and bowler hat pendants are fantastic! I wore a bowler back in the day when I was 20. It was so very long ago. Be sure to check out Jake's sculptural ambient 'Fibonacci' lights and his 'Orson' chair.

More Tom Dixon pendants:

Cecilie Manz's Caravaggio pendant with it's shot of red is sublime:

Cecilie has added a large and small pendant to the Caravaggio lighting line:

This fiber-optic pendant from Refer + Staer is so pretty and would practically disappear during the day. Why does it make me think of the movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'?

The modern Mikado:

Christian Ræder designed 'The Joker' in 1970 where it won 1st prize at the Scandianavian Lighting fair. It was relaunced in 2008:

The wee boy looks so comfy!

I'll end the blog with a new favorite and one's I know my husband would love. These pendants are fabricated from used transmission parts and available through Nimli:

This is what keeps me awake at night.

Final words:  Lighting must never be a wallflower. - me



  1. wow. I didn't know I could love black pendants so much. My favorite is the coral pendant! Love it!

  2. I can relate to the things that keep me awake at night! Thanks for the great lighting post!

  3. Thanks you very much for sharing these links. Will definitely check this out..


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